Improving the workflow for field technicians.

The major Turkish telecom provider asked us to redesign the workforce management service for the field technicians. While Accenture was working on the processes, we were in charge of the employee experience and re-designing their tablet application. I was responsible for preparing and running all the design activities and managing the design related client communication.



Field Research

We spent a week on the field with the technicians, visiting houses and field boxes. We were trying to understand how they work, what their pain-points were and what some of their workarounds were. We discovered that they don’t use their tablets at all since their precarious work environments prohibits them from comfortably working on a tablet. They do however, use their personal mobile phones to do the required controls.



I ran a co-creation workshop with four technicians in our studio. We went through our findings to validate them and started to think of better solutions together in order to design the right personas. We designed our personas to match the different types of technicians, like young new joiners, or older veteran technicians with 20 years of experience. We also considered different personality types, like technicians who always follow procedures or technicians who are always improving their tools and processes to make their jobs easier.


Paint-Point Analysis

We created the as is customer journey and also a detailed pain-point analysis. This customer journey was also extremely useful for our Accenture colleagues who were engineering the new processes simultaneously. The biggest impact of the research was the decision to give new phones to the technicians rather than having them work on tablets. This also changed the brief from re-designing the tablet application to designing a new application for their mobile phones.


Product Design & Prototyping


We created a concept poster that demonstrates how we imagined the new application. The concept was prototyped to communicate the idea and to compare our user flows with the new processes that our Accenture colleagues were working on. Since my background is in Industrial Engineering, we were able to help the process engineers with the insights from our field research and communicate to them in their own language. The insights we were able to gather were the things that they would not have been able to foresee with their efficiency calculations.


Concept Prototype


User Testing

We made a prototype to test initial ideas. As an unexpected result, we realised that field technicians have strong hands and therefore also big, fat fingers. We decided to change the regular button sizes to oversized buttons in order for them to work more comfortably. After that, till the end of the project, I printed out the large finger of one of the technicians and made sure to test all our visual designs for fat fingers.


User Flows




Visual Design



It was an exciting project for me as I was not only designing the experience but also playing an active role in the process design with the engineers from Accenture. Technicians are currently using their new phone and the app and are incredibly happy with their new tool. I’m super proud to have been able to help them by making their job easier and more efficient.