Envisioning new service offerings and improving customer experience.

As part of the company’s digital transformation, in this strategic design project I worked with Accenture Strategy consultants and leading designers to create, develop and prototype future service concepts to define a global design strategy.


Concept Design

Concept Posters, Prototypes and Video

In total, there were 11 future business models and the related customer experiences came from local teams. We focused on developing three concepts and designed one new concept to connect all of them. We then designed posters to explain the concepts and made prototypes to show how they could work. We also created a video where we combined all of them into a single story. The posters, prototypes and video allowed us to validate and communicate our ideas with the client.






The Video



It was extremely exciting and rewarding to be part of a large digital transformation project that would turn an invisible utility provider into an energy partner. It was great to work on future concepts that would have the opportunity to not only change a company’s business model, but also the relationship it has with its customers.