Credit Insurance

Simplifying daily customer transactions.

One of the largest credit insurance companies based in Amsterdam asked us to design a digital service which not only makes day to day transactional tasks easier but also helps customers with their trade decisions. I led the project and managed the client engagement from start to finish.



Stakeholder Interviews & Workshop

Prior to our engagement, the client had already completed a customer experience research project. Before we got started on anything else, they wanted to make sure we immersed ourselves in the existing research first so we could turn the previously identified insights into tangible actions. To understand the context and company’s current strategy more in depth, we also did stakeholder interviews which showed us that the stakeholders’ opinions were quite different from ours. We decided to start with creating an internal alignment through a workshop. At the end of the workshop we had gotten to an internal alignment around what brings real customer value and where we could have the biggest impact.


User Experience

New Paradigms & Flows

Together with the project team we had to figure out the new digital service offerings. This was a tricky process as we were dealing with a very traditional insurance company. We started by changing the policy management model into trade management, and organising the new and existing features with the new flows. We prototyped the new concepts for validation and in order to communicate them to a wider audience. In order to explain how the new service would work, we created a service blueprint that contained all the features that we designed. 


User Testing & Design

The concepts turned into visual design quickly, and we ran a user tests with five users. With the results from the tests, we iterated the design a couple of times. With our prototype and visual guidelines, their development partner was able to translate our concept into code directly. We supported them with quality assurance during development.



When we completed the first project, they asked us to envision the future of the new Customer Portal. We did one-to-one mini workshops with senior management in order to understand what their thoughts and ideas were around the company’s strategy for the future. We combined their strategy with our knowledge of the financial industry and customer experience. This allowed us to come up with a future trading platform that would automate mundane tasks, combine all the different services, and where all companies and third party service providers like banks would be able to connect with each other to enable trade. With this future vision, the company has the ability to transform itself from an insurance provider to a true trade partner.





I also spent a lot of time working with our client throughout the project in order to teach them our design methodologies. By the end of this process, they embraced design thinking so wholeheartedly, that they in turn made their own video internally that perfectly summarised everything we discovered throughout the project. From a practical and strategic point of views, the impact of our design was enormous.